Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Koufar Sermons



Select Past Shows:

4/23+4/24 Minneapolis @ Club Med "Heavy Focus III" with Bloodyminded, Custodian, Climax Denial, Paranoid Time, Being, Crash at Every Speed, Gnawed, Teeth Collection, Juhyo, and many others!
3/14/2010 Milwaukee @ The Borg Ward with Anal Hearse, Blessed Sacrifist, Deterge, Jason Soliday
3/11/2010 Philly @ Kungfu Necktie w/ RICH HOAK collab with Winters in Osaka, Endless Humiliation
3/8/2010 NYC @ The Red Light District w/ Halflings and Paris Art Theatre
3/6/2010 Cleveland @ The Cool Ranch w/ Dog Lady, Liable
9/25/09 Metal Shaker with Garret Wittmer, Nick Hoffman, Slow Electronics

Bachir Gemayel Discography


-Cracked Dome/Bachir Gemayel c20 edition of 44 (Phage Tapes 2008)
-Gaurdians of the Cedars CDr edition of 25 (Insurgent Records 2009)
-Legacy 2xCDr edition of 20 (Insurgent Records 2009)
-Resistance CDr edition of 30 (Zvukovina Records 2009)
-Severed Heads Form a Circle Around Mt. Lebanon CS edition of 15 (HarshFuckedForLife 2009)
-Phalangist CDr edition of 15 (Deadline Recordings 2009)
-Mind Movies/Bachir Gemayel "Bullets" c20 edition of 44 (Phage Tapes 2009)
-Assassination C80 edition of 35 (Narcolepsia 2009)
-Bachir Gemayel/Dead Body Collection "Snipers/Knives" CDr edition of 60 (Hoarse Records 2010)
-Bachir Gemayel/Terminal Erection "Odium" 2xCS edition of 30 (Turgid Animal Italian Division) 2010
-Bachir Gemayel "Blitzkrieg" c10 edition of 50 (Fusty Cunt Records) 2010
-Bachir Gemayel/Breaking the Will c20 edition of 50 (Phage Tapes) 2010
-Bachir Gemayel "St. Charbel" 4xCS c70 Box edition of 15 (Masonry Records) 2010

Appears on:
-Bachir Gemayel With Barbara Newman "Wall of Water" CDr edition of 10 (Insurgent Records 2009)
-Solange Tutunji "S/T" CS edition of 15 (H-Series 2009)
-Solange Tutunji "Loss..." CDr edition of 15 (Insurgent Records 2009)
-Our War "S/T" Tour CDr edition of 30 (Self Released 2010)